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Pro Objective-C is designed to take your Objective-C programming skills to the next level. The book provides an in-depth guide to the language, its runtime, and key API’s. It also includes numerous practical examples--code excerpts and complete applications--that demonstrate in code how to apply what you’re learning.
Each topic is covered thoroughly and is packed with the details you need to develop Objective-C code effectively. The most important features are given in-depth treatment, and each chapter contains numerous examples that demonstrate both the power and the subtlety of Objective-C.

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Programming for Everyone is designed to give the reader an overall introduction to computer programming. The book is written for a very general audience and focuses on providing you with a detailed understanding of the basic concepts. It's also great for programmers who want to look into other areas (e.g. logic programming, computer graphics, games, etc.) they may not have experience in. Whatever your age or background, Programming for Everyone will help you to understand computer programming.

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Objective-C in 24 Hours provides a clear and concise overview of object-oriented programming using Objective-C on the Apple OS X and iOS platforms. The book is written for readers who want a general understanding of Objective-C technology, along with developers who want to quickly get started with the language. It describes the language's key features and APIs, and also includes a complete overview of its latest enhancements, including automatic reference counting, blocks, and other powerful features. Within 24 hours, you will have a solid understanding of Objective-C and be ready to begin using it on your projects!

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The Composer-Performer Relationship
in Contemporary Music
This book investigates the continually evolving relationship between composers and performers of Contemporary Art Music. Topics discussed include the evolution in instrumental techniques, performance practices, and musical styles, current practices and tendencies, along with key considerations that both composers and performers must understand in order to facilitate active engagement of the listener.

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Featured Scores
For string quartet (2009)
For piano (2008)
For two trumpets (2007)
For Bb clarinet (2006)
For bass clarinet (2005)
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